Odoriko Restaurant at King’s Alley in Waikiki

DK invited hubby & I to lunch today at Odoriko. I hadn’t been there before but read mixed reviews. Here’s my review of lunch.

All of us ordered off the kama’aina menu which we had to request. Prices were $7 – $8 with an additional $3 if you wanted a meal. Regular menu prices are higher.

DK ordered the poke don (raw ahi with rice), hubby had the special which had beef teriyaki, kare age (fried chicken), and vegetable tempura, and I ordered the tempura don (tempura with rice). The food was okay. DK’s poke was perhaps the best of the entrees. The tempura was not crispy, in fact, it was soggy.

Portions were good. I had three pieces of shrimp in addition to vegetables. I would ask for the sauce on the side. The rice was fluffy and cooked perfectly. Hubby’s said that the beef teriyaki was fine but I thought the chicken did not look like it was thoroughly cooked.

I’ve had better food but the price of the meal was reasonable for Waikiki.

Service was typical Japanese. However, Odoriko doesn’t compare favorably with Yanagi Sushi or California Beach Rock n Sushi. Odoriko also shows its age.

Two hours of free parking is available at the Outrigger East with validation.

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