Red House in Honolulu

Groupon had a special last week for the Red House so I decided to purchase a certificate to try this contemporary restaurant.

The Red House is not very big but it is neat. When you walk into the restaurant you see a huge screen with Korean pop. To me the screen and visuals are distracting and not really conducive to eating.

SS and I had lunch there last week. I ordered the Bulgogi Bibimbob ($10.99) and SS ordered the Kimchi Katsu Don ($9.99). We were served a bowl of chicken broth which was quite delicious. Our meal was substantial. The bibimbob was okay but there was very little bulgogi and it was sweet. SS’s katsu was huge but quite bland. SS does not like kim chi so she ordered it on the side. The kim chee was mild. The katsu meat was thin and lacked any taste. It was also not crispy like a katsu should be.

Service was good. SS and I asked questions and our server was very patient with us. Our water was refilled several times during our meal and we were asked if we wanted any more kim chee.

Prices at Red House are a little expensive for what you get and the food is fair. I’ve had better Korean food.

If you would like to try Red House in Honolulu for yourself, they are located at 835 Keeaumoku Street.

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