Serg’s Mexican Kitchen

TC introduced me to Serg’s Mexican Restaurant in Manoa near the Manoa Shopping Center. She said that the food served there was authentic Mexican food and good. I decided to go there for lunch on Wednesday.

I ordered a pork carnitas taco ($2.95). It was very good and not what I expected. The grilled corn tortilla was covered with tender, flavorful pork with cilantro, onions, and cabbage. This was not the usual taco with hamburger, cheese, lettuce and tomato.

Even though I ordered only one taco, it was more than enough for me and so good that I couldn’t wait to eat at Serg’s again. I convinced hubby to go to Serg’s for dinner. Hubby ordered the pork carnitas taco ($2.95) and churro ($1.50) and I ordered the carne asada (steak) taco ($2.95) with a side order of pico de gallo ($0.75).

When we got our order, the corn tortillas looked like they were fried in oil and not grilled. There was a lot of grease on the tortillas and plate. The taste was good but the taco was better the first time I ate at Serg’s.

Meeting expectations can either break or make a restaurant. When I eat out I would like the food at the restaurant to taste the same every time. Fast food restaurants like McDonald are machines and are consistent. Their quality may not be great but is consistent. If you order a Big Mac, you know what you will be getting.

I was disappointed with the food at Serg’s tonight. I really wanted to like it and wanted hubby to like it too. However, different people were cooking tonight. Perhaps, that is the reason the quality of the food wasn’t the same. However, that’s not supposed to be.

The churro was filled with cinnamon sugar and quite good but hubby thought there was too much cinnamon sugar.

FYI, Serg’s has Taco Tuesdays at 4 p.m. when the tacos are $1.50 each except for the fish tacos which are $2 each. The filling for Taco Tuesdays are less than normal. Be prepared to wait because the lines are long. Everyone loves a bargain.

Would I return? Perhaps, but not any time soon. I wish I could be sure that the corn tortillas for the taco would be grilled and not full of grease.

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