Hard Rock Cafe

Once upon a time, theme restaurants were everywhere. Today, not so much. However,  Hard Rock Cafe has stood the test of time and almost has a cult following with people collecting their memorabilia.

The Hard Rock Cafe used to be located on the corner of Kapiolani and Kalakaua. When we ate at the old location, the food was okay but the music was too loud. Presently, they are located at 280 Beachwalk across the Bank of Hawaii Building in Waikiki. The restaurant is open aired and the music is more background than blaring.

This past Saturday, hubby and I decided that we would eat lunch at Tonkatsu Ginza Bairin at 255 Beachwalk. We found street parking on Beachwalk which is so rare and then discovered that Tonkatsu Ginza Bairin opened at 11:30 and it was barely 11 a.m. I asked hubby if he wanted to wander around Waikiki but he suggested that we have something light at Hard Rock which was already serving lunch.

We walked upstairs to the restaurant and were seated immediately. It was hard to decide what to order especially since we were going to eat at another restaurant in less than an hour. Our server suggested the bruschetta ($11.95) and I wanted to try  the fresh apple cobbler ($8.50).

Hubby and I finally decided on the Shock Top Beer Battered Fish which came with 3 pieces of fish, fries, and cole slaw ($16.25). Most of the fish was cooked perfectly, flaky with a crunchy batter that was not too thick. However, the middle of my fish was a little hard to cut and seemed undercooked. The fries were cooked perfectly, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. The cole slaw was tasty and not too sweet.

Our server was friendly and very attentive. We ended up taking home a piece of fish and some fries. When I asked for containers for the tartar sauce and slaw, our server gave us new ones. What a nice touch.

Validated parking is available at the Bank of Hawaii building for $6. There is also a 15% discount for locals.

Most of the patrons of Hard Rock Cafe are tourists but hubby said they he would be back to eat at Hard Rock again. The food and service were good.


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