Dish Walk Honolulu

This Sunday some of my friends and I participated in the first Dish Walk in Hawaii where we had the opportunity to taste food at over 6 different restaurants or food trucks. After checking in at 1 pm, we mapped out the order of  our attack.

Since we checked in so early and the event started at 2 pm we decided to walk to Adega first.  Adega had a buffet of salad, Vinho D’alhos (pork loin with fried potatoes), black beans, noodles, and rice. The Vinho D’alhos was tender with a mild vinegar taste. The staff at the restaurant were friendly and were prepared for us.

Our next stop was Maria Bonita, a cute mom & pop restaurant, located at 15 N. Hotel Street. We were the second party at the restaurant which was a good thing. Our server brought glasses of water and chips & salsa. The salsa was a little hot but good. The carne asada minis were delicious. The restaurant was packed by the time we left and when we passed the restaurant later in the afternoon, there was a long line outside the restaurant.

Not Just Desserts was our next stop. However, the restaurant was closed.  We walked to Soul De Cuba where we tried the bow tie pasta and the mojo marinated chicken wings with the mojo honey sauce. The chicken wings were one of my favorites and worth waiting for.

Tea at 1024 was our next venue. The scone, lilikoi tart, and chicken curry sandwich were my faves at Tea at 1024. Although we had to wait and shared a table with strangers, it was fun.

We then walked to JJ Dolan’s for beer and pizza. JJ’s was packed and running a little behind on the pizza and the beer. We figured the dishwasher was behind on washing the glasses. DR liked the pies. Personally, I prefer the pizza at California Pizza Kitchen.

By this time, I was so stuffed I ordered the strawberry cheesecake and key lime mochi from Moki’s Mochi to go. I ate it later and in my opinion the mochi was just okay. I gave the taco from Shogunai Taco Truck to hubby.

Dish Walk was fun. It was an opportunity to try a lot of restaurants in a short period of time.


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