Mei Sum Chinese Dim Sum

MW and I went to Mei Sum Chinese Dim Sum for lunch on Sunday. MW is from the East Coast and hadn’t tried  dim sum before so this was a new experience for her. During lunch, food carts roam the restaurant with baskets of goodies. You can also order off the menu or a particular item.

Although we walked into the Mei Sum a little after noon, we were seated immediately.

If you like pictures on your menu, you will love the rolling carts. You get to see the items before you order it. We chose the spare ribs, shrimp dumpling, siu mai (pork hash), taro gok (fried taro with pork filling), spring roll, char siu bao, fried chicken wings ($4.50), softshell crab ($7.95), almond tofu, and dun tart (custard). Prices for dim sum range from $2.50 to $4.50/ plate or basket.

Today was the first time I’ve been to Mei Sum since they moved to their present location on Nuuanu Avenue. I’m not sure if it’s my lapse in memory but the food seemed to taste better before. However, the staff seemed more friendly and helpful. I’ve had tastier dim sum at Royal Garden at the Ala Moana Hotel and Happy Days in Kaimuki.

MW’s faves were the spare ribs and siu mai. I especially liked the deep fried softshell crab (I ate everything and it was delish) and the dun tart.

Cost for lunch for two with tax and tip was $40+.  Lunch was okay. I’m not sure if I would return anytime soon.

Mei Sum is located at 1170 Nuuanu Avenue. Their phone number is 531-3268.



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