Tokkuri-Tei is an Izakaya, where drinks and food go together. However, hubby and I were there for the food . We had been to Tokkuri-Tei many moons ago at their other location and were threatening to go again.

We decided to go on a Monday night. Unfortunately, I thought the restaurant opened at 5 p.m. They do but only on Sunday so we waited outside until 5:30 p.m. Parking is located under the building or on the street.

Since we were there when the restaurant opened, we had our pick of whether we wanted to sit at the sushi bar or at the tables. We chose a table. Please keep in mind the tables are quite close together and you can hear other people’s conversation very clearly.

The menu is extensive with cute descriptions. However, there are no photos. Hubby likes photos so after minutes of checking the items, we order ala carte items…gyoza, (6 pieces for $4.50), tonkatsu ($7.50), caterpillar roll ($18), chawan mushi ($5.50), and spicy tuna chips ($3 each).

The gyoza and tonkatsu came with shredded cabbage, cucumber and tomato slices. The gyoza was deep fat fried and a bit crunchy. It was okay. Hubby prefers his gyoza pan fried instead of deep fat fried. The tonkatsu was moist and tender.

Hubby enjoyed his caterpillar roll and said it was good but different from the roll at California Beach Rock ‘n Sushi. My chawan mushi was a little bland. It had lots of mushroom and seafood in it but the taste was so so. I actually prefer the chawan mushi at Genki better, to me it is tastier. My fave was the spicy tuna chips. They were $3 a piece but they were so good. The spicy tuna was on a nori arare topped with tobiko (fish eggs) and green onions. They were delicious. I ordered two but could have eaten more.

Service was friendly and efficient.

Dinner without drinks or tip was $43.66. Hubby said he wouldn’t mind eating at Tokkuri-Tei again but not anytime soon. Tokkuri-Tei is located at 449 Kapahulu Avenue in Suite 201. For reservations call 732-6480.


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