Tsukiji Fish Market & Restaurant

When eating out, what is more important, quality or quantity? If you are like me, quality is more important that quantity. Recently, I went to Tsukiji Fish Market & Restaurant at the Hookipa Terrace at the Ala Moana Center for a dinner meeting.  This was the first time I had been to Tsukiji’s and was looking forward to dining there.

Tsukiji’s Fish Market & Restaurant’s regular price for the dinner buffet is $34.95. Senior and kama`aina (locals) are available with identification. The buffet starts with sushi (I tried the tamago and spicy tuna), then items such as poke, kalua pig, pulehu ribs, tempura (shrimp, pumpkin, green beans, and sweet potato), a teppan yaki station (choice of calamari, shrimp, kal bi, and NY steak), snow crab, other items such as kim chee and nishime, then a noodle station (oden, soba, ramen, and udon).

For dessert, there were various cheesecakes (bite size), fresh fruit, almond float, an ice milk soft serve machine and shaved ice.

I didn’t try everything on the buffet line but what I did try was fair to mediocre except for the ramen which was made to order. That besides the cheese cake was the best things that I ate that night. The poke or raw fish seemed fresh. I didn’t eat the snow crab since I really prefer king crab. Someone on my table was eating the crab and said it was a bit watery but with the butter is was okay.

The prime rib that I had was okay with very little taste except for the horseradish and au jus. The shaved ice was not fine but coarse. I like fine shaved ice like that served at Waiola Shave Ice or Shimazu Store.

Service in our private dining room was fine.

Would I return? The answer is no. I would rather eat the buffet at Hakone or at the Prince Court in the Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki or at Kai Market at the Sheraton Waikiki. The cost is more but the dining experience (ambiance and food) is so much better.  You chose, quality or quantity.

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