Cuatro Restaurant in Kihei

Cuatro Restaurant in Kihei is located at 1881 S. Kihei in the back of a shopping mall next to Sansei. Our family has a rule that we try not to eat at a place where we can eat at home so we weren’t interested in eating at Sansei.

Hubby and I did not have any reservations but decided to try Cuatro. We parked our car and walked to Cuatro. There were more than 50 people waiting in line to get into Sansei for the 50% Early Bird Special. However, there was no one in Cuatro which made hubby skeptical of the food there.

Cuatro is BYOB and has a 25% discount between 4 – 6 p.m. Since we weren’t very hungry, hubby and I decided to order only appetizers. We ordered the spicy tuna nachos on won ton chips ($13), shrimp tacos ($12), calamari ($10), and the quesadilla ($10). The food was very tasty and a bit spicy for hubby but I thought everything was very good. I especially liked the spicy tuna nachos but the calamari was pretty good too. It was fried perfectly and not rubbery.

Service was fast and attentive. An 18% service charge was added to our check in addition to the 25% discount. For reservations, call (808) 879-1110. Cuatro is quite small so I’d make reservations. While we were eating, several people called and the host said that the restaurant was busy until 8.

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