Archives for November 2013

Restaurant Week at Chef Chai

NS, FS, hubby and I went to Chef Chai for Restaurant Week 2013. None of us had eaten at Chef Chai’s although we pass it regularly. The restaurant has a very modern and contemporary feeling but it is not cold. All of us ordered the Restaurant Week set menu ($50). We started with the chicken … Continue »

Brasserie Du Vin

I love Restaurant Week. It gives me an opportunity to try  restaurants and to help the Culinary Institute of Hawaii at the same time. Unfortunately, I eat out more often than I should. LS, SE, KE, and I decided to try Brasserie du Vin which is located on 1115 Bethel Street across of The Hawaii … Continue »

Cafe Panini

I love to eat soup for lunch, especially good soup.  LM invited me to have lunch with her. She asked if I had ever had lunch from Cafe Panini which I had not. Cafe Panini is located inside the Airport Industrial Park Phase 2 building. Hours are 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. I ordered the … Continue »

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