Brasserie Du Vin

I love Restaurant Week. It gives me an opportunity to try  restaurants and to help the Culinary Institute of Hawaii at the same time. Unfortunately, I eat out more often than I should.

LS, SE, KE, and I decided to try Brasserie du Vin which is located on 1115 Bethel Street across of The Hawaii Theatre. Even though I’ve wanted to try Brasserie du Vin in the past, I never did. However, the menu this year peeked my interest.

When you enter the restaurant, the first thing you see is the bar but as you walk into the restaurant, the atmosphere changes. It’s like there are different venues within the restaurant. We sat way in the backroom.

We all chose the Restaurant Week special which was $40/person.

The server brought warm bread to our table which we ate with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. We were then given cheese, dried fruit, and roasted nuts. Three of us chose the camembert and one of use chose the compte.

I chose the French Onion Soup for my appetizer. It was good but not as good as HASR Bistro. I tried KE’s scallops which was tasty.

I ordered the lamb shank for my entree and the creme brulee for my dessert. The lamb shank was very tender with a Dijon mustard glaze. The flavor was mild. I personally prefer bolder seasonings on my lamb.

My creme brulee was perfect, a nice end to a delicious dinner. KE’s dessert was torched a little too much and was burnt.

All in all dinner was very relaxed and the food was quite good. Portions sizes were fairly generous and servers attentive. For reservations, call (808) 545-1115.

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