Doraku Kaka’ako

Happy hour. What a great way to try a restaurant. I love happy hour. Hubby and I went to Doraku Kaka’ako on Friday night at 4:30 p.m. We were enroute to Doraku Waikiki when we discovered their happy hour was from 5 – 7 p.m. so we went to the Kaka’ako location instead.

The restaurant was packed. The only seats available were the bar, sushi bar and community table. We chose to sit at the bar.  We ordered  the Doraku Tuna Tataki ($6),  Chicken Lettuce Wrap ($6), Chicken Karaage ($5), and the Dynamite Donburi ($6). Our faves were the Tuna Tataki and Chicken Karaage. The tuna was flavorful and the veggies with it complemented it perfectly. We enjoyed the tataki so much we ordered it again. The karaage was crispy but not too crunchy.

The lettuce wrap was not what I expected. The lettuce looked like butter lettuce and  came with slices of chicken  and coleslaw. I liked the coleslaw and the ponzu sauce for the chicken. The most disappointing dish was the donburi. The seafood was okay but mixed up. Personally, I would pass on the donburi and the lettuce wrap.

I definitely would like to try other items on the happy hour menu. Hubby said he would eat at Doraku’s again especially since he found out they serve Pepsi.

FYI, Doraku’s happy hour menus are different at each location. Valet parking is $3 plus tip. Reservations are not taken for happy hour. Doraku Kaka’ako is located at 1009 Kapiolani Boulevard.

Give it a try. Not sure of the Waikiki location but the Kaka’ako location was loud and bustling.

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