Home Bar & Grill

I love to cook but sometimes I just feel like eating out. This afternoon was one of those days.

Hubby gave me a choice of places to eat but nothing really interested me. He then suggested Home Bar & Grill.   My interest was peaked. Choice decided. We drove to Home Bar & Grill. There was no parking off Kalakaua so hubby drove to the back of the restaurant and found several open parking stalls.

Home Bar & Grill is a local bar. It’s not fancy but the staff are friendly and efficient. I ordered the saimin ($8) and hubby ordered the burger and fries ($9).

The saimin was exactly what I wanted for dinner. The broth had a slight kick and the noodles were chewy and not soggy. The portion size was perfect.

Hubby’s burger was an 8 oz burger served on a brioche bun with fries.  Hubby said that the burger was dry and too salty. The burger was more than hubby could finish so he took half home.

Not sure if we’ll be back. I enjoyed my meal but hubby not so much.

Home Bar & Grill is located at 1683 Kalakaua Avenue.  Call 942-2237 for reservations.

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