Archives for May 2014

On the Road Again: Anthonino’s Taverna in St. Louis

After reading the reviews on Yelp, hubby and I decided to try another Triple D featured restaurant Anthonino’s Restaurant.  We drove to the restaurant without a reservation. The restaurant was packed. I checked in with the hostess and then decided to sit at the bar. We ordered the toasted ravioli ($9), small side salad ($4) … Continue »

On the Road Again: Shaved Duck in St. Louis

Hubby and I watch Diners, Drive Inns, and Dives on television. After seeing the episode featuring Shaved Duck, we decided that we would set out to try Triple D restaurants while on vacation. Hubby drove to Shaved Duck after we checked into the hotel and were a little worried how traffic would be. Traffic was … Continue »

On the Road Again: Panera Bread

I had my heart set on going to On the Hill in Osage Beach for lunch. Hubby drove me all the way there only to find out they were closed on Tuesday. So much for that. Now I had to quickly decide where we were going to eat. My niece had mentioned Panera Bread before … Continue »

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