On the Road Again: Panera Bread

I had my heart set on going to On the Hill in Osage Beach for lunch. Hubby drove me all the way there only to find out they were closed on Tuesday. So much for that. Now I had to quickly decide where we were going to eat. My niece had mentioned Panera Bread before so I chose that.

There were a lot of cars parked outside which is a good sign.  However, the menu is on the wall and there are a lot of choices. First, let me say that even though there are a lot of non bread choices, the name of the restaurant is Panera Bread.

I ordered the You Pick 2 which gives you a choice of 2 of a 1/2 sandwich, 1/2 salad, cup of soup or a flatbread. Prices vary depending on what you chose. I chose the Bistro Onion Soup ($3.59) and the Mediterranean flatbread ($4.59).

PM chose the Chicken Panini ($7.59) and hubby ordered the tuna salad sandwich ($6.09). All of us had a choice of bread, chips, or an apple.

My soup was very tasty with lots of croutons. The flatbread was not a normal flatbread. It was a bit hard. PM’s panini was huge, more than what she could finish and the bread was hard and crunchy. Hubby said his sandwich was fine, not great.

Panera Bread is a chain restaurant. The vegies are fresh and the portion sizes generous.  I’d eat at another Panera Bread Cafe but would try something else. Hubby was not impressed and given the choice would rather skip.

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