On the Road Again: Frascati in San Francisco

After reading tons of reviews, I chose Frascati for our second dinner in the Bay Area. We drove to the restaurant and could not find any parking for blocks. Finding a parking space seems to be one of the hardest things to do in San Francisco. We ended up parking at the lot near Wahlgreen ($10) and walking 4 blocks (uphill 2 blocks, turn left and two more blocks).

Hubby ordered the duck confit salad ($12) and sausage risotto ($25). I ordered the potato gnocchi ($12) and the half chicken ($26).

The food and the service at Frascati’s were very good. The taste, flavors and cooking style are more traditional. The duck confit salad was especially good. My half chicken ,while delicious and moist, reminded me of the chicken under a brick that Macaroni Grill serves so it was nothing special.

The panna cotta was weeping and was not as good as the one I had at Seven Hills the night before.

Dinner was over $120. Would I return? I’m not sure. Hubby said he would but would order something else but would go back. I think I would try other restaurants in San Francisco first as I was not wowed.

Frascati is located at 1901 Hyde Street and seems to appeal to an older crowd. Go opentable.com for reservations.

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