On the Road Again: Tommy’s Joynt in San Francisco

Hubby and I were on a roll. We had tried a couple of Triple D featured restaurants and found winners. So, we decided to try another Triple D featured restaurant, Tommy’s Joynt, a San Francisco institution.

We drove to the restaurant and found street parking right away. However, we were not prepared with change for the meters so we got a roll of quarters at Whole Foods and drove back to our street parking.

When we walked inside the restaurant, the place was not busy as it was just past 11 a.m. You stand in line and order your food from the menu on the wall. Tommy’s Joynt is a dive bar and is a cash only establishment.

Hubby ordered the turkey dinner ($9.75) with two sides (green beans and potato salad) and I ordered the brisket sandwich ($6.49). Portions were huge and there was more food than we could eat and finish. Unfortunately, quantity is not the same as quality. The meats were tender but there was nothing special about the food. My sandwich consisted of the brisket, bread (wheat or sour dough) and barbecue sauce, no vegies at all.

In retrospect, we could have shared a dinner or ordered something that Guy Fieri mentioned like the corned beef which was the on the menu as a daily special.

Staff are friendly and helpful. I wasn’t sure if I wanted a side and I was given a large sample.

Lunch was inexpensive. Tommy’s Joynt is located at 1101 Geary Boulevard, Fillmore in San Francisco. If you are a foodie, I would pass on Tommy’s Joynt. In my humble opinion, the food is just okay. If you are looking for quantity and price, this is the place for you.

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