Liliha Bakery – Nimitz

What makes a successful restaurant? Is is the food, people, location, chef, or service? Actually, it’s all of the above and more. Liliha Bakery in its original location was a neighborhood bakery that was known for it’s cocoa puffs, butter rolls, and counter restaurant. Could that be duplicated in another location?

My SO and I decided to eat breakfast at the new location at the old Breakfast, Lunch and Crab. Self parking is free. We got to the restaurant a little after 8 a.m. and there was no parking. However, someone was in the process of leaving. Our wait was only 5 minutes before we were seated.

i ordered a side order of egg ($1.69), butter roll ($1.79)’ and a glass or orange juice ($2.99). My SO ordered a hamburger patty and two eggs ($7.99) which came with 2 butter rolls (he opted for no rice) . He also ordered one pancake ($3.99).

How was the food in comparison to the original location? Still good. The butter rolls were good as ever with the same jelly. The pancake was huge and light. The hamburger patty is the seasoned patty used for lunch and dinner and not just plain hamburger.

My only comment is that you can’t get your eggs anyway. You can get it fried or scrambled. I prefer poached. That being said the food was quite good.

The Nimitz location is huge in comparison to the one in Liliha. The restaurant is a little dark with a different feel. The kitchen and bakery is open so you can see behind the scenes. Counter and table seating is available.

We’ll be back.

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