On the road to Maui…ami’ami’ at the Coast

The test of a good restaurant is consistency over time. It should not matter when you go, the food will be good. Before yesterday, 808 Bistro was RM’s fave place for breakfast in Maui. However, yesterday’s meal was below par. Not sure why. First, they got his order wrong which they corrected  . His toast was burnt and the food was cold.

Hence, the need to find a new breakfast place.  We decided to try ami’ami’ which is at the Maui Coast Hotel. The former restaurant was not good and closed. We had heard that ami’ami’ was much better.

ami’ami’ was quite busy at 8 a.m. which was a good sign. RM ordered the Maui Coast Breakfast which consisted of two eggs, two pieces bacon, two slices Portuguese sausage, hash browns, and toast ($10) and I had the loco moco (rice, hamburger, two eggs, and gravy) for $12.

RM enjoyed his breakfast and ate everything except his garnish. I couldn’t finish my loco moco.  Too much rice. I wish they had half portions but they don’t. The hamburger was perfectly seasoned and the gravy was flavorful. The eggs were too hard cooked but that was my fault. I never know how to ask for a poached egg. I don’t like it runny or hard. Sometimes ordering it medium works and sometimes it doesn’t.

Service was good and attentive. The weather was quite windy so we were seated in the inside dining room with cloth tablecloths. If you’re in the neighborhood, give ami’ami’ a try. Their address is 2259 South Kihei Road. For reservations call 808-874-6284 which I don’t think is necessary.

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