On the Road…Monkeypod Kitchen by Merriman

My significant other and I were in Maui to watch whales in February. We made reservations using opentable.com for the Monkeypod Kitchen by Merriman at 10 Wailea  Gateway. Unfortunately, it was a rainy day in Maui and the restaurant was packed with diners who did not want to leave. Our reservation was for 5 p.m. However, people with reservations for 4 p.m. were still waiting.

We tried to make a reservation at another restaurant but they were booked solid since it was February 14th. We didn’t have a choice but to wait. My SO was not a happy camper at this point and I was so hoping that the food would be worth the wait.

After waiting for awhile, we were finally offered seats at a community table but turned that down. Soon after, a couple of seats opened up at the counter near the kitchen which we decided to take.

My SO ordered the Maui Cattle Company Cheese Burger ($13.95) with fries ($2.00) and I ordered the Bulgogi Pork Tacos ($17.95). Sitting near the kitchen, we got to witness first hand the care that is put into grilling the hamburger. My SO was very impressed with the attentiveness that the cook took for his burger and the results. The burger was cooked perfectly and the meat juicy.

My pork tacos were delicious with just the right spiciness from the kim chee. The three tacos were just enough for me for a light dinner. Dinner with drinks was $50.

Dinner at the Monkeypod Kitchen was very good, definitely worth trying. Reservations are strongly recommended but be prepared to wait even though you have one. Call (808) 891-2322 for reservations or use opentable.


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