Your Kitchen

Located at 1423 10th Avenue in Kaimuki,  Your Kitchen is definitely your hole-in-the-wall restaurant located in the middle of a residential neighborhood. Street parking and cash only.

There are only seven stools so seating is limited. The temperature is warm and the a/c does not work very well. Take out might be preferred. Your Kitchen is closed on Monday and Tuesday. Hours are 10 am – 6 pm.

My SO asked me where I wanted to eat today and I mentioned Your Kitchen. He consented and we went to the restaurant about 3:30 pm. There were only 4 items on the menu besides shave ice…pork bowl, beef steak bowl, loco moco, and oyakodon.

I ordered the mini pork bowl ($6.50) and my SO ordered the mini oyakodon ($6.50). The portions were just right for us. The pork was very tender and tasty and reminded me of Okinawan pork. The fried soft egg was perfect with the pork. My SO said his food was also tasty and good. FYI, Your Kitchen does NOT use msg.

We waited a little while for the food so if you are in a rush, call ahead if you know what you want. Their phone number is (808) 203-7685.

There wasn’t a line but there was a steady number of people ordering the pork bowl and steak in addition to the shave ice.

Both my SO and I would go back. The food is good and reasonable. Can’t beat that.

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