Bob’s Bar-B-Que

I worked in the airport area and passed Bob’s Bar-B-Que almost daily. However, I’ve never eaten there or had any food from there until today. My SO and I couldn’t decide where to get a bite to eat. He finally decided on Bob’s Bar-B-Que since he wanted to try something different.

Bob’s Bar-B-Que is a local take out place. The extensive menu is on the wall. My SO said to pick something that we could share. I admit I had a difficult time choosing something to order. I finally ordered the mini hibachi chicken ($6.95). The mini came with a scoop of rice, macaroni salad, and 3 pieces of chicken with a sweet barbecue sauce. The Mac salad was the best item. The rice was sticky like it was cooked with too much water. The chicken was okay, nothing special.

The food was plentiful and inexpensive. The service quick and friendly.

Bob’s had a steady stream of people who wanted cheap, plentiful food. Many of the people in line were in construction.

Would I return? I think not. There are better places to eat in a nicer setting. If you would like to try Bob’s Bar-B-Que, they are located at 1366 Dillingham. Call 842-3663 for phone orders.

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