Where do you go to eat? Do you try a new restaurant or go to one of your faves? How do you select a place? My SO is willing to try new places sometime. However, when we go out to eat, he really does not like to cook his own food. His comment is why am I paying the restaurant to cook my own food. Hence, we seldom go to barbecue or yakiniku places like Gyu-Kaku.

However, RM was game this time. We went to the Kapiolani Boulevard location for a late lunch. Did not have any reservations but none was really needed. The lunch crowd was gone and it was too early for dinner.

RM ordered the sukiyaki ($9.95) a non grilling set, which was prepared in the kitchen. I chose create your own set ($11.95)…three different types of meats (Rosu chuck, toro beef, and yaki shabu beef) and cooked it on the grill. Each portion of meat was I believe 3 1/2 ounces. Honestly, when the meats arrived, I could not identify the different types of meat. Go figure. What made the meats tasty was the marinade and dipping sauces. I liked the ko choo jung sauce and the sweet soy sauce.

The food was filling and tasty and fairly inexpensive. Try it. RM liked it and said he would go back. That says it all.

Service was friendly and attentive. Gyu-Kaku has multiple locations. We went to the 1221 Kapiolani location. Call (808) 589-2989 for reservations.

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