Bakery & Table

Located on the corner of Piikoi and King at 938 Piikoi Street, Bakery & Table (B&T) is open for business serving pastries and dinner. Dinner reservations are preferred although walk-ins are accepted. Call (808) 592-7777 for reservations.

A huge sign states they are open. However, B&T hasn’t had their grand opening yet. KO, GU, ZF, and I went to B&T for a late morning snack/lunch.

Enter one of parking lots on Piikoi Street or the other lot from King Street. Bread, cookies, and pastries are available and made in small batches throughout the day. I actually prefer savory to sweet pastries so was glad that there were savory options.

Take a tray, sheet and a pair of tongs and choose your items. Bring your tray with the tongs to the cashier. I chose the Coconut & Pineapple Keema Curry ($2.70) and the Curry Pan ($3.00). Both items were great. Can you tell I like curry? My fave was the Curry Pan which is a meal in itself. Inside the crispy pan or bread was the curry and an egg. So yummy and filling.

Also, there is a stamp card. Receive a stamp for every $5 you spend. With 10 stamps, you will receive $5 off your next Bakery purchase.

I told my husband about B&T and we drove there at 7 p.m. Pickings were pretty slim. I’m looking forward to eating dinner at B&T. Try it, I think you’ll like it. The bakery/restaurant is spacious and contemporary.

Update…It’s been two weeks since I initially went to B&T. Prices have increased. The curry pan is now $3.75. Other items have also increased. The curry pan is just as delicious even cold. It makes a perfect light lunch for me.

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