Agu Ramen at Isenberg

I love noodles…all kinds of noodles. SG and I went to Agu for lunch at 11 am on a Wednesday. Needless to say, the restaurant was not busy. I ordered the miso tonkotsu ($14) and 1/2 an order of gyoza ($3).

I was disappointed. The broth was thin, watery and not flavorful. I did not taste any miso flavor. In addition, the char siu had no taste. The noodles were the thin type of noodles which are ok but I prefer the thicker noodles. My noodles looked like somen noodles.

The gyoza was crispy on the outside but tasted blah. The sauce that I made gave it flavor. The pan fried dumplings at PF Chang’s are better. Also, if you are sensitive to monosodium glutamate, do not eat at Agu as their food contains msg.

I admit I may have ordered the wrong thing because SG loved her noodles which were the thicker noodles and looked like the more traditional ramen.

I personally would pass on eating at Agu again. Service was good but the food is not worth the money to me. If you would like to try Agu, they are located at 925 Isenberg next to First Hawaiian Bank. Free parking is available in the lot or on the street.

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