On the Road Again… Texas Roadhouse

Although Texas Roadhouse is a chain restaurant and has many locations all over the United States, I never knew that it even existed. DS took my SO and me out to dinner yesterday at Texas Roadhouse. It was indeed a very good experience.

Doors are held open for you when you walk into the restaurant. The restaurant in Davenport (4005 E. 53rd Street) opens at 4 pm Monday – Thursday and at 11 am Friday – Sunday. It was 4:30 pm and the place was packed. Unshelled peanuts are on the table so if you have an allergy it might be best to avoid this place. There is a butcher case if you want to select your own hand-cut steaks.

There are also early dine specials for $8.99 which ends at 6 p.m. at the Davenport location. 11 different entrees are listed. Some of the choices for the early dine include a 6 oz sirloin steak dinner, pulled pork, country fried chicken and pork chop. DS ordered the 16 oz. Fort Worth Ribeye ($19.99), SO had the Dallas Filet ($16.99), and I order the 10 oz prime rib ($15.99). The meals come with delicious warm rolls with cinnamon butter and a choice of two sides. Sides choices include butter corn, rice, green beans, chili, house salad, Caesar salad, applesauce, fresh vegetables, steak fries, mashed potatoes, and sweet potatoes. I ordered the green beans and the loaded sweet potatoes.

The fresh baked rolls were soft and warm straight from the oven. They were so yummy that I ate 3 rolls smothered with the cinnamon butter. We also had the Cactus Blossom (fried onion) as an appetizer ($5.99). The onion was perfectly fried and sweet. The Cajun horseradish sauce was a nice complement to the onion, a bit spicy but not too much. So good.

I ordered my prime rib medium but had to send it back. I should have ordered it medium well. The prime rib was tender, flavorful and delicious. The green beans were good…full of flavor and bacon. The sweet potatoes had marshmallows and was cooked perfectly.

Service was friendly and good. Portions were very good. I highly recommend eating at Texas Roadhouse in Davenport or trying it at other locations. Hawaii has Outback Steakhouse and Stuart Anderson Steakhouse but no Texas Roadhouse. I would go to it if he did.

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