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On the Road Again…Tropical Smoothie Cafe in Las Vegas

I love smoothies. In fact, I make good smoothies at home. My SO and I were traveling for weeks and I wanted a smoothie for breakfast. We have a rule that we try to eat at new places so we stopped at Tropical Smoothie Cafe. Tropical Smoothie Cafe is a chain similar to Jamba Juice. … Continue »

On the Road… Julian Serrano Redux

I love tapas and the last time my SO and I were in Vegas we absolutely loved the food at Julian Serrano. In fact, Julian Serrano was the only place my SO wanted to go to eat. We made reservations on open table and went to the restaurant at 3:30 pm on a Sunday and … Continue »

On the Road Again… Carson Kitchen in Las Vegas

We live in a world where social media such as Yelp and Trip Advisor reviews influence us. Instead of getting recommendations from trusted friends and family, we listen to strangers and their opinions. After reading rave reviews from Yelpers, I convinced my SO to go to Carson Kitchen for dinner. Mind you, we were staying … Continue »

On the Road Again… Firefly Tapas Kitchen & Bar in Las Vegas

My SO and I went to Firefly Tapas Kitchen & Bar after we checked into our hotel around 4 pm on a Saturday. The restaurant was pretty empty and my SO was wondering if I made a bad choice. I hardly drink alcohol so sangrias don’t really interest me. However, I am a foodie and … Continue »

On the Road Again… Madison Street Grill in Lebanon, MO

Food in the Midwest is plentiful and inexpensive. What I consider inexpensive would be considered expensive in Missouri. To me quality does not change. However, opinions or ratings are personal. Our family went to one of the better restaurants in Lebanon, Missouri for lunch at 11 a.m. and there was only one other couple in … Continue »

On the Road Again… Elm Street Eatery

Wonderful breakfasts are available at the Holiday Inn in Lebanon so we don’t usually eat out of the hotel for breakfast. However, DMac was visiting from Iowa so we decided to eat out at Elm Street Eatery. Early bird breakfast specials which include a choice of juice, tea, or coffee are available from 6 – … Continue »

On the Road… Chen’s Chinese Super Buffet

My SO and I have a rule. We don’t eat the types of food that we can eat at home (Oriental) or at restaurants that we have at home. We made an exception this time and tried Chen’s Chinese Buffet. The buffet is quite extensive and tries to appeal to both locals and those few … Continue »

On the Road Again… Atlas Cafe in Rockport, Illinois

Have you ever lived near a restaurant and passed by it but never had a desire to eat there? Well, Atlas Cafe is one of those places. However, on Monday, my mother-in-law decided she wanted to eat there. She is on a special diet so she has to be careful what she eats and how … Continue »

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