On the Road Again… Atlas Cafe in Rockport, Illinois

Have you ever lived near a restaurant and passed by it but never had a desire to eat there? Well, Atlas Cafe is one of those places. However, on Monday, my mother-in-law decided she wanted to eat there. She is on a special diet so she has to be careful what she eats and how it is prepared.

My SO, BF, JF, MB, and I went to the Atlas Cafe for dinner. It was a pleasant surprise. The restaurant had a few customers but definitely wasn’t busy. The prices were so inexpensive. My prime rib sandwich was $4.75. The beef was about 5-6 ounces and was a little tough to me. The broccoli cauliflower side I ordered was good though. I should have ordered catfish or buffalo fish which was on the sign outside the restaurant.

The catfish or buffalo dinner comes with two sides. My SO ordered the potato salad and cucumber salad. He said the potato salad was very good. MB said that her coleslaw was good too but it was just too much. Everyone who ordered fish was happy. It was two fillets. Someone on another table ordered the fried onion rings and they looked so good, I decided to get half an order. Glad I did. The onion rings were sweet, light, and crispy, not crunchy…cooked perfectly.

Atlas Cafe is bigger than it looks on the outside. It’s not fancy, just a local restaurant serving comfort food. Prices are affordable. Total for 5 of us was $40.08 which included drinks and a piece of pie for my SO.

Atlas Cafe is located on US Highway 54 at 17619 in Rockport. Cash only. An ATM machine is at the restaurant but it might be out of order.

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