On the Road Again… Carson Kitchen in Las Vegas

We live in a world where social media such as Yelp and Trip Advisor reviews influence us. Instead of getting recommendations from trusted friends and family, we listen to strangers and their opinions.

After reading rave reviews from Yelpers, I convinced my SO to go to Carson Kitchen for dinner. Mind you, we were staying on the Strip and had to drive downtown in pau hana traffic to a part of town that did not look safe and had pan handlers and people sleeping on the street.

Siri directed us to 124 S Sixth Street which is the number for the entire building. Carson Kitchen is on the E Carson Street side of the renovated building. The decor is very contemporary and very nice inside with small tables and communal seating.

We shared the Crispy Chicken Skins ($8) Devil’s Egg ($9), and Butter Burger ($14). I love chicken skins. I eat the skin while my friends remove them from their chicken. That being said, the skins were too crunchy. I felt like I was going to crack a tooth while eating the skin. I did like the smoked honey on the side. That was a nice touch.

My fave was the Devil’s Egg with caviar and bacon. Not sure what’s inside the filling but it tasted like chopped celery. The yolk portion was smoothe and was different in a good way. The plate came with 2 eggs. Yummy.

The burger was good…juicy with Boursin and cheddar cheese and thick. The spicy tater tots were crunchy but not overly so and had a nice kick.

Our server Chelsea was excellent. Would I return? Probably not. It’s not that the food is not good, to me it’s not that great and there are other places that are better. The price is reasonable but I don’t understand the hype.

Carson Kitchen opens at 11:30 am everyday. Walk ins only. We came at 5 pm and we were the only ones in the restaurant so there was no wait. Meter street parking is available for $2/hour.

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