On the Road Again… Madison Street Grill in Lebanon, MO

Food in the Midwest is plentiful and inexpensive. What I consider inexpensive would be considered expensive in Missouri. To me quality does not change. However, opinions or ratings are personal. Our family went to one of the better restaurants in Lebanon, Missouri for lunch at 11 a.m. and there was only one other couple in the restaurant.

We looked over the menu and ordered a burger with fries ($10), spinach wrap with grilled chicken ($7.50), an additional side of soup (+ $2), coffee ($2.50) and fresh lemonade ($3).

After waiting for our food for what seemed an eternity (30 minutes), the prime rib and barley soup was cold. Since we did not want to wait any longer, I did not mention it to the server until the end. My bad. The soup was flavorful with chunks of prime rib although my SO said it tasted like Campbell’s soup. The wrap was ok, nothing special. My SO said he did not the strawberries in the wrap so he deconstructed his wrap.

The star was the burger. The burger was juicy, tasty, and huge. It came with fries which were good too.

We were going to get dessert but found out that the cake came frozen and was thawed for several days. I didn’t want to chance a dry cake which happened previously at Madison Street Grill.

Service was attentive which should be expected since there was only one party of 2 at the restaurant.

Madison Street Grill is located at 201 W Commercial Street. Would I eat at Madison Street Grill again? I would eat the burger again.

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