On the Road… Julian Serrano Redux

I love tapas and the last time my SO and I were in Vegas we absolutely loved the food at Julian Serrano. In fact, Julian Serrano was the only place my SO wanted to go to eat. We made reservations on open table and went to the restaurant at 3:30 pm on a Sunday and found out it was happy hour.

I’m not sure what the difference if there is a difference in preparation but the food this time was not stellar. We ordered the stuffed dates ($8), Spanish tortilla ($5), beet salad ($7), tenderloin & crab ($17), ribs ($14), and oxtail ($8).

First of all, the Spanish tortilla, tenderloin, and oxtail were lukewarm. The food came out quickly, too quickly…like it was just sitting under a warmer.

The ribs were the best. Tasty and tender. I also ordered creme brûlée ($5) for dessert. It was ok, not quite firm.

Portions are small. There were only 2 stuffed dates and 2 silver dollar size oxtails. Firefly’s portion for their stuffed dates are 5.

My SO was not impressed. He said that nothing stood out. Cost of food was $69 without any drinks. Sad to say, this time Julian Serrano was a disappointment. It was ho hum. Perhaps it was happy hour. I don’t know but it should not matter. There should be the same quality all the time. The hot foods should be hot and the cold foods cold. Julian Serrano is located at the Aria Hotel on the strip.

For tapas, I would go to Firefly instead.

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