Tempura Ichidai

Ala Moana Shopping Center (AMC) has a variety of places to eat so choosing where to eat can be a challenge. My SO and I decided to eat at one of the restaurants on the new Ewa end of AMC…Tempura Ichidai. We went there a little after 3 pm on Sunday and there was only one other couple in the restaurant. The staff there said that the lunch rush had just ended.

My SO ordered the shrimp tempura tendon ($19) and I ordered the chicken tempura tendon ($15). Each meal came with two small sides, pickles, miso soup, and tea. Kale, pumpkin, and eggplant tempura were also included.

The tempura was cooked to order. It was fresh, hot, and crispy. The donburi sauce is served on the side so you can chose just how much to use. I thought the tempura was bland and lacked flavor and taste. The sauce was thin, light and added to the flavor of the tendon which needed more seasoning.

The staff was very attentive and friendly. Would I return? Maybe. I was not impressed. However, my SO said that he might try other items on the menu such as the sushi.

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