Arancino at The Kahala Hotel & Resort

Many moons ago my husband and I had our honeymoon at The Kahala Hotel & Resort fka as The Kahala Hilton Hotel. We thought it would be nice to walk around the property again and take some photos before dinner.

We decided to have dinner at Arancino at The Kahala. Even though the food is Italian, the presentation and portions are Japanese. The presentation of the food is unique and beautiful but the portions are small.

I ordered the Zuppa di Aragosta ($15) and Stracotto di Manzo ($35). RM had the Insalata Caprese ($16) and the Pappardelle alla Bolognese ($22). Everything was delicious. The soup was smoothe and tasty. The short ribs were melt-in-your-mouth tender. RM said the pasta sauce was the best he’s ever had.

It’s funny because when the food was served, my first impression was that there wasn’t enough food. However, after eating everything on my plate, I actually was satiated. I wish the portions were bigger though.

The food and service is excellent. Cost for dinner was over $125. Arancino is not a place you eat all the time unless money is no object but, in my opinion, a place for a special occasion.

For reservations, call (808) 380-4400 or online at

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