Teruya’s Andagi

Mom and pop restaurants are usually not fancy but they offer comfort and tasty food. I went to Teruya’s Andagi at 1104 Pensacola Street next to Von’s for a quick lunch. There was a line but the wait was not long. I wanted to order the vegetarian bento ($7.85) but noticed it had sesame seeds which I am allergic to. I asked to customize the bento instead which they did. The bento was delicious and so healthy. It had pumpkin, bitter melon, tofu patties, seaweed, rice with beans, green beans, eggplant, and an andagi aka an Okinawa doughnut. I really liked the tofu pattie and had enough food for two meals.

I also checked in with Yelp and received a free sweet potato mochi which to me was better than the signature andagi. There are only three chairs in the restaurant so Teruya’s is basically a take-out place. Street parking is available on Pensacola, Young or Beretania.

They are open Monday – Friday from 10 am – 3pm. In addition to bentos, Teruya’s has individual sides, shrimp tempura and garlic chicken rolls, and donburi. I look forward to trying the sukiyaki donburi and the rolls. The food is affordable (under $10) and tastes good. Teruya’s also take credit cards. What’s not to like.

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