Yauatcha…Upscale Dim Sum @ IMP- Closed

Let me preface this review by saying I grew up eating dim sum in Hawaii and in San Francisco, New York, and Hong Kong.

I was quite excited when I heard that Yauatcha was opening at the International Market Place and looked forward to eating there.

My SO and I walked to the restaurant and checked out the menu. My initial reaction was that the prices were higher than normal for dim sum. I appreciate good food and am willing to pay for it.

We decided to try Yauatcha during Flow & Prosper aka Happy Hour. Flow and Prosper is available Monday – Friday between 3 and 6pm in the bar only.

We ordered 5 of the 8 Prosper items. We had the mushroom cheung fun, pork and prawn siu mai, pumpkin puff, siew long bao, and prawn dumpling for $6 each.

The service was good and attentive. The presentation of the food was good especially the pumpkin puff and the prawn dumplings. However, the taste was just ok, not something I would want to eat again. Most of the dim sum needed the accompanying sauces.

My SO said there was no wow factor. My faves were the cheung fun and the pumpkin puff. The fun was delicate and not chewy. The pumpkin puff needed more duck but I liked the crunchiness.

Would I return to Yauatcha? Probably not. I’ve had better dim sum at Legends and Jade Dynasty.

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