Goma Tei Ramen at the International Market Place

Although Goma Tei Ramen has 3 locations in Hawai‘i, the Restaurant Week Special was only available at the International Market Place. My SO and I went to the restaurant at 4 pm and were seated. There were lots of tables and seats available.

I ordered the Restaurant Week Special which was a seafood fried rice served with Ban Ban Ji Chocken, Tonkatsu, and a soft poached egg ($16.95). My significant other ordered the gyoza (5 pieces for $8.99).

The seafood fried rice was different in that the shrimp and Tako were served on the si instead of mixed in with the rice. Both the shrimp and the Tako were tender. The tonkatsu was ok. It was a small thin piece of pork which was tender and crunchy. I liked the sesame sauce which was on the side which I ate with the cucumbers and chicken. The fried rice had fresh carrots instead of frozen peas and carrots that gave it a nice texture. My SO loved the gyoza which had a lot of filling and was tasty.

Goma Tei Ramen’s policy is to include a 16% tip to the bill. Supposedly there is 10% kamaaina discount which I was not aware of when we ate at Goma Tei Ramen and no one mentioned it.

Service was friendly and attentive. We had four different people serve us. Would I return? Maybe, but not anytime soon. I would order Ramen the next time.

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