On the Road Again…Fat Boys in Louisiana, MO

I think of fried catfish and pork tenderloin when I think of Midwest food. That being said, when I’m in Missouri I’ve got to find a restaurant that serves the best catfish and tenderloin. Missouri tenderloin is pounded thin, breaded and then deep fat fried. It’s not the healthiest thing to eat but I do love eating it.

Our family decided on Fat Boys for lunch. Mind you, although I love to eat, I’m not the biggest eater. I like to share food so I don’t overeat. That day no one wanted to share the pork tenderloin with me so I ate the entire tenderloin. The tenderloin filled almost the entire plate. It was not to thin or thick with just the amount of crunchy breading. I ordered the tenderloin sandwich which was I believe $9 but I asked them to hold the bread,

My SO ordered the small catfish nuggets which came with fries which was under $8. The small was not small. He said that it was one of the best catfish he had eaten. The catfish was lightly breaded and did not taste muddy, so good.

Fat Boys has lots of Pepsi memorabilia which is kind of quaint. Our server was a cute high school student who was eager to please. The restaurant was not full but there was a steady stream of customers.

Fat Boys is located at 123 S Third Street. They are open 7 days a week at 10:30am. Try it if you are ever in Louisiana, MO.

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