O Bar at the Alohilani Resort

The O Bar is located at the renovated Alohilani Resort at the former site of the Pacific Beach Hotel Oceanarium Restaurant. I have fond memories of that place because my husband proposed to me there. Every time we would drive by the Alohilani Resort, we talked about eating at the O Bar for old times sake. Today we made that happen.

The O Bar is different from the Oceanarium. While the Oceanarium was busy, the O Bar was empty. We were the only customers there at 4 pm. The aquarium is still there but there are no sharks and the visibility is not as clear. We went for the happy hour and found out that the happy hour includes only drinks.

We decided to eat there anyway and ordered the crab fritters ($17), fish and chips ($18) and lamb chops ($23). The crab fritters was filled with lots of crab, crunchy on the outside and quite tasty with a nice spicy sauce. The fish had a delicate tempura batter which my husband liked. The fries were crunchy but not hard, just the way I like my fries.

However, the lamb chops were a bit over cooked and tough. It did not have much flavor either. In fact, in my opinion, there was no taste or seasoning in my meal except for salt. Portions were good.

Service was attentive. Unfortunately, the O Bar was a disappointing experience and we probably will not be back.

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